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     This past week has zoomed by and it’s already mid week-again. I apologize again for the late weekly rewinds but it’s just been super hectic. So let’s just get right on in.


     American Odyssey gets the boot after struggling to gain or maintain traction, the show which was already on the shortlist to be shelved has finally been nixed. Unable to gain the right momentum, NBC has decided to end the season. No word yet on if there will be a mid season replacement or any changes to the line up.


     Chasing Life, an ABC Family original is set to return for it’s second season this month and one can only anticipate the drama and twists this season will hold for young April.


      NBC to part ways with presidential hopeful and television host of The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump after derogatory remarks about immigrants. Trump maintains his view and defends his comments and has threatened legal action against the network.2000px-NBC_logo.svg

     And in other Donald Trump news. Trump files $500 million lawsuit after Univision, Spanish boradcaster, pulls the plug on future airings of the Miss Universe pageant as a response to “derogatory” remarks made by Mr. Trump about immigrants earlier this month.


     Apple music officially launched on June 30th long with the newest roll out for the latest operating system from the tech giant. Fans of the brand seem super excited for the new roll outs, while the company is still wrapped up in investigations of their contracts with labels and musicians.

Taylor-Swift-Calvin-Harris-2-Vogue-26Jun15-Getty_b_320x480     Music’s highest earning couple? MOVE over Beyoncé and Jay Z – Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Scottish DJ Calvin Harris have officially replaced them as the world’s highest-paid celebrity couple, according to Forbes. Swift and Harris reportedly pulled in combined earnings of $146 million in the last year, a staggering $35.5 million more than Beyoncé and Jay Z who earned $110.5 million.

Katy Perry on the cover of Forbes Magazine
Katy Perry on the cover of Forbes Magazine

     Katy Perry, The “Roar” singer is the highest-earning woman on this year’s Forbes Celebrity 100 list, which measures the earnings of the highest-paid entertainers for the past 12 months. In fact, Perry was ranked number three out of 100 (from number 9 last year). Forbes estimates she earned $135 million last year. During the scoring period, Perry grossed more than $2 million per city over the course of 126 shows on her Prismatic World Tour. She also pulled in $20 per head in merchandise sales, has deals with Coty, Claire’s and Covergirl, and a mobile game coming this fall to boot.


     Finnish tech whiz, Matti Makkonen, better known as the father of text messaging, (SMS), after developing the idea of sending messages via mobile networks, has died at the age of 63 after battling with an illness not yet disclosed.

     Pinterest fans and shoppes alike rejoice! The popular digital-scrapbooking site on Tuesday rolled out “buyable pins” for its iPhone and iPad apps. The feature will allow shoppers to purchase products directly from Pinterest by tapping a blue “Buy It” button and using Apple Pay or a credit card. Buyable pins, which will also be running soon on Google’s Android operating system, are Pinterest’s attempt to evolve from a simple digital scrapbook into more of a shopping hub


     W.H.O certifies that Cuba has successfully eliminated mother-to-child transmission of both HIV and syphilis. The head of the W.H.O, Dr Margaret Chan, called it one of the greatest public health achievements possible. Following years of efforts to give pregnant women early access to prenatal care, testing and drugs to stop these diseases passing from mother to child, The W.H.O hopes other countries will be able to achieve the same.preg_symbols_150x150

     Every year, globally, around 1.4 million women living with HIV become pregnant. Untreated, they have a 15-45% chance of transmitting the virus to their children during pregnancy, labor, delivery or breastfeeding. That risk drops to about 1% if anti-retroviral medicines are given to both mothers and their babies.

     And each year, nearly a million pregnant women worldwide are infected with syphilis. Again, early screening and treatment of these women can avoid complications for their unborn children.

     In Cuba, according to the available official data, less than 2% of children whose mothers have HIV are born with the virus – the lowest rate possible with the available prevention methods.

     Globally, seven in every 10 pregnant women living with HIV in low- and middle-income countries receive effective anti-retroviral medicines to prevent transmission of the virus to their children. Among the 22 countries that account for 90% of new HIV infections, eight have already reduced new HIV infections among children by more than 50% since 2009 (based on 2013 data) and another four are close to this mark, the W.H.O says. By 2014, more than 40 countries were testing 95% or more of pregnant women in prenatal care for syphilis.


vaccine     California governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that imposes one of the strictest school vaccination laws in the US. The state now joins the ranks along with West Virginia and Mississippi, which are the only other two states with such strict requirements. The law would require most schoolchildren to be vaccinated against diseases including measles and whooping cough. Only children with serious health issues would qualify for exemption from the new measures. Unvaccinated children would have to be home-schooled. The move comes after an outbreak of measles at Disneyland in 2014 infected over 100 people in the US and Mexico.

     The bill has faced fierce criticism from some who say parents should decide whether their children are vaccinated, with some even threatening to take legal action, even though the issue has been upheld in court, including by the Supreme Court. They argue that some vaccines are unsafe and claim the legislation is eliminating informed consent and trampling on parental rights.

     Mr. Brown had this to say in a statement issued on Tuesday, “The science is clear that vaccines dramatically protect children against a number of infectious and dangerous diseases,…While it’s true that no medical intervention is without risk, the evidence shows that immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community.”


      Kering parent company to the likes of Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent.etc has put Sergio Rossi, which it acquired in 1999 up for sale. It is reported that the company close to finding a buyer, following months of speculation about a potential sale. There are three bidders in the running, WWD reports, private equity firms Lion Capital and Emerisque, and investment house Investindustrial. Although neither Kering nor the three potential buyers have commented yet, one of the three – British-based Lion Capital – stands out for its fashion experience. The former owner of Jimmy Choo, Lion Capital also operates AllSaints, John Varvatos and GHD in the apparel and beauty sphere, while the other two suitors have slightly less fashion pedigree.

Givenchy Creative Director Ricardo Tisci
Givenchy Creative Director Ricardo Tisci

     Givenchy will show its spring/summer 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week to celebrate the opening of the French label’s new 5,000-sq-ft Madison Ave store. Taking place on September 11, the show will replace the brand’s usual slot on the Paris Fashion Week schedule. The company closed its previous Madison Avenue store in 2006, not long after Tisci started at the brand a decade ago, and has been absent from the city since. Givenchy currently operates stores in the Miami Design District and Wynn Las Vegas and will open another unit in Florida, in Miami’s Aventura Mall, next year. Tisci will also oversee the design of new stores set to open soon in Milan, Rome and London.

     American Apparel and former CEO Dov Charney are still tied up in litigation with the company filing documents with a Los Angeles County Superior Court, containing alleged evidence of former CEO Dov Charney’s inappropriate behavior that led to his dismissal last year. The documents  “allege that Charney engaged in violent, derogatory and sexually inappropriate behavior,” reports the La Times, and were filed with the request to ban Charney from pursuing any more  defamation-related lawsuits against the company, (the most recent being filed last Friday) since the evidence “proves he was fired for good cause.”


Gay Marriage legal in all 50 states

     And in a surprise, and long awaited action Congress has made Gay marriage legal in all 50 states, with a vote of 5- 4! The decision has been met with push backs from several of the country’s more conservative pundits and religious leaders but was met with triumph and celebration here in New York City, where LGBT citizens and supporters of the movement, who were out in droves, including the city’s own Mayor Bill De Blasio, for the celebration at the Gay Pride parade.

     More than a month after being declared ebola-free by the World Health Organization, (May 9th), atleast twonew cases have emerged. After his death over the weekend, it was confimed that 17-year-old Abraham Memaigar, had died due to infection by the virus. It has since been confirmed that one other individual close to him had been tested positive with atleast 33 others who had contact with the teen being quarantined and observed in their homes. These new cases resulted in the reactivation of Ebola treatment units at a time hen the county had begun closing them. This confirmed death now adds to the 5000 lost to the virus.

Photo in Cuba
Photo of the Cuban capitol, Havana. Courtesy of BBC News

On Wednesday, July 1st, The US and Cuba will announce the opening of embassies in each other’s capitals, a major step in re-establishing diplomatic ties severed in 1961, a senior US official has said. This is yet another milestone for both countries since the December 2014 announcement of re-establishing diplomatic ties. Cuba is still subject to a US arms embargo which has been in place since 1962, though President Obama has urged Congress to lift it.

     In Indonesia, officials say 141 bodies have been recovered after a military transport plane crashed in a residential area of Medan on Tuesday. The military says none of the 122 people on board the Hercules C-130 survived when it hit houses and a hotel before bursting into flames. The latest death toll indicates there were at least 19 people killed on the ground.

     Amidst the chaos of its most severe crisis in years, as competing forces fight for control, there has been a “mass jailbreak” in Yemen. About 1,200 prisoners, including Al-Qaeda suspects, have escaped from a prison in central Yemen, officials say. However, it is not yet clear how the prisoners escaped.

Mist Copeland, 32, in Swan Lake
Misty Copeland, 32, in Swan Lake

     U. S. ballerina Misty Copeland shatters another barrier. The American Ballet Theatre has named Misty Copeland its principal dancer – the first time a black ballerina has held the prestigious role. Ms Copeland, 32, made her debut this month, starring in Swan Lake in New York, one of the most coveted roles in ballet.


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