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In honor of Rei Kawakobo/Commes des Garcons

Monday night’s annual celebration of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute’s Met Gala 2017 marked one of the highlights of New York City’s spring time festivities.

Often marked by some of the most daring and albeit stunning gowns and silhouettes; everyone remembers Rihanna at the 2015 Gala, Beyonce’s latex gown at last year’s red carpet and who could forget Kim K at 2013’s event; the annual Gala serves as one of the museum’s biggest fundraising events and is typically the grand opening of the annual design exhibit.

La Vie de Soleil

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to La Vie de Soleil – The Sunshine Life. That’s the translation of my blog’s name.

I thought it a fitting name because as my husband always jokes, I am solar-powered. A testament to my island-girl roots and especially true in the colder, wetter months when I usually become quite lethargic and the declining temperature wreak havoc on my hair and skin. Ironically, I currently live in a temperate country and as I type this there is still snow on the ground from the latest winter snowstorm and the thermostat on my weather app currently reads 10ยบ Fahrenheit.