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Weekly Rewind

     This past week has zoomed by and it’s already mid week-again. I apologize again for the late weekly rewinds but it’s just been super hectic. So let’s just get right on in.


     American Odyssey gets the boot after struggling to gain or maintain traction, the show which was already on the shortlist to be shelved has finally been nixed. Unable to gain the right momentum, NBC has decided to end the season. No word yet on if there will be a mid season replacement or any changes to the line up.


     Chasing Life, an ABC Family original is set to return for it’s second season this month and one can only anticipate the drama and twists this season will hold for young April.

April’s Best

The month of April was jam packed with lots to talk about, tons to see and loads of newsworthy happenings!

Today I’m introducing a monthly round-up as yet another new element to the blog. Here I am going to do a brief run through of some of the most notable things that happened in the past month.

So here goes.


If you follow me on instagram you have been privy to my many spring inspired outfits and nail changes. I also debuted my new protective hair style so definitely check it out.

On the Blog

This month blog I introduced a new segment called Weekly Rewinds where I summarize all things the fun things from the past week, which will serve as a capsule for anyone who hadn’t had the time to stay in tune during the week.

2015-04-13 12.07.01

There was also a post in commemoration of Earth Day 2015, reminding you guys about the importance of being eco-conscious as well as listing some great examples of how to go green.

This month I also did a review of the Basquiat exhibit currently open at Brooklyn Museum, where I got to meet the always wonderful and absolutely stunning June Ambrose and her lovely daughter, Summer.

Also mentioned on the blog my Easter pineapple upside down cake, (recipe coming soon).