La Vie de Soleil

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to La Vie de Soleil – The Sunshine Life. That’s the translation of my blog’s name.

I thought it a fitting name because as my husband always jokes, I am solar-powered. A testament to my island-girl roots and especially true in the colder, wetter months when I usually become quite lethargic and the declining temperature wreak havoc on my hair and skin. Ironically, I currently live in a temperate country and as I type this there is still snow on the ground from the latest winter snowstorm and the thermostat on my weather app currently reads 10º Fahrenheit.

It is also closely tied to my long-standing love affair with the language – one forged during my years in Catholic School – and my island girl roots. 

And now… A bit about me.


My name is Danielle, but some of my friends call me Livi (p.s. also a fun play on the name of the blog). Despite being born American, I grew up on an island in the Southern tip of the Caribbean Sea – surrounded by sunshine, sand and sea spray!

While I often feel torn about my identity, I must admit that a vast part of me remains rooted in the culture of my parents’ home – and so for me too, it is home!  

With my love for adventure and travel (which I yearn to do more of), exquisite taste in food, immense background in fashion and style, plus my latest decor obsession… I thought Why Not? Why not build a platform to share the creative thrills of my crazy and adventurous life.  

The idea for a space to share with you guys was birthed from an ah-ha moment while flipping through some of my journals where I realized I should be sharing my passion – dare I say it – OBSESSION – with all things fashion – shopping included! So, from my personal pass time came my brain child… La Vie de Soleil!

Here I decided to marry my love for adventure and travel – which I can’t wait to do more of, my love of exquisite and exotic cuisine, my knowledge of fashion to bring you great content from the many facets of my life.

So stick around for more great reads about my favorite cuisines, restaurants and recipes, fashion and style inspiration, beauty tips, DIY’s, travel and adventures, health & wellness, with a dash of sun, sand, sea salt and spice!

Thank you for visiting.

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