Getting Rooted

It is often said that a tree without roots, does not grow and so is the same for a people who do not know – correction – do not accept and understand their history… and in turn, themselves.

Therefore when it was first announced that there would a Smithsonian Museum dedicated to African American history and culture I was beyond excited. I was even more ecstatic when then President Obama finally declared the museum open this past September. Hence it should come as no surprise that the hubby and I made our way back to the Capitol to partake in this piece of history.

Here’s a brief summary of the amazing exhibits in the newest addition to the Smithsonian family.

Smitsonian Museum of African American Museum of History and Culture, Washington D.C.
Entry art (made of recycled metal and tires/rubber) and a piece on display in the Arts Exhibit
Activism Exhibit
One of the many displays on African American Culture – Education & Academia
Memorabilia from the Divine Nine Sororities and Fraternities
The Olympic and Sporting Exhibit
Exhibit of Black Excellence in sports – Baseball
Black Excellence in sport – Basketball exhibit

There are far too many pieces to include in this post but it is sure to be a trip the entire family will enjoy, with interactive videos, games and activities for kids and adults alike.

While we weren’t able to view the entire museum, mainly the ground floors that journey through the history of the diaspora through today, in this trip we are looking forward to visiting again and truly taking in every ounce of the rich culture history on display.

Be sure to check out the food court as well for a taste of the various flavors we incorporate in our various regional dishes. It will be quite the treat.

Do any of you plan on taking your families? Let me know.

Sidenote: There is a ticket system in place for the next few weeks on site from 1 - 2 hours 
prior to open and as of next January will be available online from 6:30 a.m. on a first come 
first serve basis, and onsite from 1:00 p.m. as advanced tickets have been booked all the way 
through to next April.

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